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The History of Fetish

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The History of Fetish

In general to have a sexual fetish is to become sexually aroused by parts of the body or objects that we would not normally associate with anything sexual.

The word fetish originally comes from the Portuguese word, œfetich. Old World Portuguese explorers used it to describe the religious relics they found in tribal cultures. It wasn’t until the 19th century that "fetish" was the word used to describe the unusual objects and body parts that created sexual arousement. To the true foot fetishist, feet are more than just feet--they are a key to emotional and erotic gratification. It’s good to remember the history of the term because it helps to understand the metaphysical reality of fetishes.

Its believed that a fetish is an imbedded part of who you are. A child may find comfort in any non sexual object and by the time they are an adult, the interest has progressed into a sexual comfort. It’s not just about getting your rocks off, it more deeply felt than that. It might even be that your fetish is so subtle or acceptable that you don’t even know you have one.

The world of fetish is a massive one, it comprises of so many combinations of sexual turn on’s and sexual comforts that it could take a life time to find them all and list them down. (fetish leather)

People have gone for therapy about their sexual fetishes in the hope that they can be cured for want of a better word, because they don’t feel comfortable with them or they have a partner who is not able to enjoy, participate or even hear aboyt the fetish. In truth, doctors and other obvious medical professionals don’t believe they can be cured.

Because these things run so deep, they make us who we are and to lose them is like destroying a small part of who we are. For most people with a fetish they live a good life and don’t have to go without the fetish but for those who have been forced to leave it behind have either gone back to it, become depressed and some have been known to attempt suicide. 

So where next for fetish?

Well, feet were the first thing to become a point of sexual pleasure closely followed by other body parts. Then came the outfits and soon after that the inanimate objects, finally followed by the body’s own excretions.

DVD, pictures and clothing are readily available and as the fetish industry gets bigger the line between porn and bondage or even dominatrix gets smaller. They all share the basics of sexual gratification but they get there in slightly different ways.

Who knows where next, who knows if we will even still know the difference between all the styles of sexual gratification, as long as everyone involved is happy.

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